The FASTEST way to install brushes into Procreate!

The FASTEST way to install brushes into Procreate!

Through thousands of painstaking hours of trial and error I've discovered the fastest way to import brushes into Procreate. Well, "thousands of hours" may be an exaggeration...

To quickly import Procreate brushes tap on the brush file to automatically install it into Procreate. If that doesn't work, open Procreate and the Files app in split-screen. Once open, simply drag the files directly over into Procreate.

With this method you can install large quantities of brushes, color palettes, and fonts into Procreate just by drag-and-drop.

This video shows how to import Procreate brushes


Now you know how easy it is to import and install Procreate brushes!

Now you know exactly how to import loads of creative tools inside the Procreate App. You can find tons of resources for Procreate across the web, but I'd have to recommend my best-selling Procreate bundle: The Creator XL Bundle.

My bundle has over 400 custom brushes you can download for Procreate and 60 color palettes made specifically for Procreate and fine-tuned for the Apple Pencil.

If you're interested in upgrading your artwork, improving your workflow, and having an overall-great brush pack for your creative needs - then you might want to download Procreate brushes!

I hope you learned how to add new brushes into Procreate, have a great day!

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