When Will I Receive My Downloads?

Within seconds of purchase!

Once your payment is confirmed you'll be sent an e-mail with a direct download link.

If you have any issues installing, contact me via:

email - tim@vt.supply

Instagram DM - @visualtimmy

How Do I Install The Files Into Procreate?

Install & Download Procreate brushes, color palettes, and fonts right from your iPad!

✅  Download the .ZIP file directly into your iPad Files App. (anywhere is fine)
✅  Open files and navigate to the .ZIP file. Tap on the .ZIP to uncompress it into a folder
✅  Now you should have a folder with all the assets inside. Simply tap on each one that you want to upload into procreate & voila!
✅  If this doesn't work, open up Procreate and the Files app in split screen, then drag and drop the files directly inside.

If issues persist:

⚠️  Update your iOS to the newest version
⚠️  Update the Procreate App to the newest version
⚠️  Turn it off, then back on again (iOS gets weird sometimes)

If you're still having trouble, feel free to send me message. I would be glad to help!

I Have More Questions... Can You Help?


Send me an email: tim@vt.supply

Send me an Instagram DM: @visualtimmy

I read and respond to every email and DM, so rest assured I have an answer for you!


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