Who is VisualTimmy?

“We often have less than a second to grab the viewer's attention before we’re swiped into the past; the need for captivating visuals has never been more important.” VisualTimmy (I definitely didn’t just quote myself 😅)

Timmy Mattaliano

Hey, I’m Tim (VisualTimmy on the web) and I’m a digital artist and creative coach based out of northern California. 

I helps artists unlock their creative potential with art lessons, digital assets, and community support.

If you’re interested in my personal work, digital assets, or community app you can contact me at tim@vt.supply

VisualTimmy Store

VisualTimmy.com is a digital asset store where I host custom brushes, textures, and fonts.

My Products are mostly geared toward iPad Procreate users, but I’m always adding new tools that are useful for artists & designers using any software!

I’ve got brushes, paper textures, color palettes, seamless patterns, gift cards, and more!

See what’s in store!

VisualTribe Community

VisualTribe.app is a community App for digital creators where I share tutorials, host exclusive downloads, and even livestream lessons. 

Most of the lessons are geared toward the Procreate app, but the skills are applicable to all software. I also source articles, lessons, and assets from other creatives around the world. Together we contribute to make the best possible art community for beginners, pros, and everyone in-between.



IG: @visualtimmy


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